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    About Us

    Rich Kelly hails from Boston, Massachusetts, born into an Irish-American family where the songs and stories of exile and rebirth in a new nation were common. Rich began playing guitar as a teenager and moved to NYC, where, for a time during the 1990’s, he played guitar, mandolin, tin whistle and percussion with an Irish folk trio, called The Terrible Beauties. During this time Rich met Dee Myers, an accomplished actress and singer.

    Dee was born near Cincinnati, trained in theater and voice and came to NYC after working in regional and summer stock theaters. The two were married in 1996. Rich and Dee spent many weekends playing and singing in Irish seisuns (jam sessions with other musicians) around the city. The two moved to Eastern Connecticut in 1999 with their infant son to begin a new adventure in life. Winter evenings spent singing songs around the fireplace kept the musical fires burning as well and they began performing in 2003 under the name Ask Your Father. In 2007, they happily made the acquaintance of Rick Spencer and a musical meeting of the minds has proven to be a joy.

    A Connecticut native, Rick Spencer is known internationally for his work as a performer, researcher, historian, and songwriter. For over 25 years, he has traveled and performed in concert halls, folk festivals, museums, libraries, historical societies, and not a few pubs. He has been a part of numerous recordings in the roles of singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and was a founding member of Forebitter, one of the most widely known and respected groups specializing in sea music.

    Duo Bring Irish Sounds Home